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About Biocorp

Biocorp Biocorp is the largest Health food ingredients manufacturer in Korea, and has specialized techniques for extraction, refinement, and fermentation of natural ingredients.

* Established in 2009.

* 2 cutting-edge manufacturing facilities in Korea
: GMP, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, EU Haccp, Halal certification, FDA registration, etc
- Goheung factory : 27,986 ft2 of manufacturing and research facilities 
- Boseung factory : 42,530 ft2 of manufacturing and research facilities 

* One of the world's largest producers in the Krill oil industry
: More than 400 MT a year

* The only Krill oil that has passed KFDA’s full quality inspections
(Over 140 products that used competitor’s oil were recalled)

* The only Krill oil that maintain a Cold Chain System to ensure the freshness from the Antarctic ocean to our manufacturing facilities

It is one of the rare edible alcohol-based extraction facilities that have been certified with GMP.
Biocorp only uses edible substances such as water and edible alcohol for production of all ingredients.
Hazardous solvents such as hexane, acetone, and ethyl acetate are strictly forbidden in the company premises.
Biocorp is the dominant No.1 producer of krill oil in the Korean market, and is the first one in the world to have the production technology for krill oil with over 60% phospholipids content.
Biocorp’s SPM oil, which is considered as the next-generation omega-3, contains the highest level of SPM content in the world.
In addition to these products, Biocorp also produces Fucoidan made from Mekabu harvested in Korea, fish bone calcium extracted from tuna and salmon caught by Korean companies, and mucopolysaccharide-protein, which is recognized for its positive effects on joint and cartilage.
We are also the only manufacturer that produces plant-derived oils using edible alcohol.

Biocorp will take care of health (functional) products derived from natural products for you.