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Nature takes it to the next level

First to develop marine red algae based bioethanol production,
Biocorp is a biotechnology firm that specializes
in sugar, lipid, extraction, saccharification and purification technologies.
Biocorp has earned many accolades including recognition by the South Korean government
as a one of the leaders driving a future growth industry.
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    Utilizing knowledge from bioethanol, extraction and purification experience, Biocorp
    began krill oil production in 2014.
    Instead of utilizing harmful chemicals such as acetone and hexane, common practice in the industry,
    Biocorp sets itself apart from competitors by using food grade pure alcohol
    as an extractant to produce krill oil.
    Resulting product quality is also superior
    when comparing beneficial ingredient component ratios of the product
    such as EPA, DHA, Phospholipids and Astaxanthin to against those manufactured by competitors.
    We are confident that our krill oil products are the safest and most ethical on the market today.

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    Brand identity BKO stands for BIOETHANOL KRILL OIL.
    Our company was founded with a purpose of developing bioethanol related technologies and
    we are still specialized for that purpose today.
    BKO brand guarantees the use of bioethanol as the extractant.
    Therefore, the BKO brand name ensures the safety of the manufactured product.

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    Management Team In sik Kim
    Appointed chief executive offier of Biocorp in November 2010,
    Mr. Kim previously worked as a reporter for The Korea Economic Daily covering
    a wide range of topics including economic policy, finance, stocks, politics and law.
    Originally from Jinju city, he studied philosophy at the Seoul National University.

    Juwan Noh
    Drawing from his diverse background in biomass, chemistry and product distribution,
    Mr. Noh oversees operations of the production facility.
    He is a founding member of Biocorp and was appointed as director of operations in 2013.
    Originally from Seoul, he graduated from Chung-ang University



    address235-7, Goheung-ro, Doyang-eup, Goheung-gun, Jeollanam-do, Korea