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Raw Materials

Product raw materials: Antarctic krill

Currently, South Korea is the second largest krill fishing nation in the world.
Insung corporation and Dongwon corporation are the top two producers.

Our company only uses Antarctic krill provided by korean fishing operations.
Our facilities are only 3 hours away by road from the port of Busan
where Antarctic krill is unloaded.
Therefore, our raw materials are guranteed to be fresh and traceable.

Compared to some of our competitors who use frozen or dried krill imported
from Korea or other nations, our company is in a better position
to produce a higher quality product.

Solvent used for extraction: Food grade pure alcohol

STAGE 1 : Purchase
Our company purchases food grade alcohol produced under strict supervision
from the Korean government.
This alcohol is the main ingredient of soju and it is diluted with water
to produce soju by the beverage corporations.
The purity of the alcohol before dilution is 95%

STAGE 2 : Refinement
The food grade alcohol is further refined through dehydrator at our facilities to remove water
and other impurities, to upgrade the purity of the alcohol to 99.5%.

STAGE 3 : Further refinement
The alcohol is further refined through at least 2 cycles of the evaporation/collection process.
Only after going through our rigorous refinement process is the alcohol finally used for extraction.
This is part of the reason why BKO produces the safest Krill oil in the world.

Packaging : HDPE Drum

The Krill oil product is packaged into HDPE food grade Drum.
Drums are packed with nitrogen gas before and after packaging and each barrel weighs 200kg after packaging.