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Krill meal preparation

1-1 Frozen krill purchase
Frozen krill is purchased from Korean fishing company and shipped to our facilities in
refrigerated containers.

1-2 Drying
Frozen krill is dried and processed into krill meal.
Our processing technology is utilized to prevent oxidation and loss of beneficial components
during the drying process.

Extractant preparation

1-1 Purchase
With approval from the Korean government, food grade alcohol is purchased.

Alcohol is evaporated and collected in a vacuum evaporator.
Impurities are removed during this process. Now the world’s safest extractant has been prepared.

Krill oil extraction.

Krill meal and the purified alcohol is added to the reactor tank and stirred to dissolve the krill oil into the extractant.

Solid/liquid separation

Centrifugal machine and food grade filters are used for separation.
Resulting liquid enter the next process.

Concentration process

All alcohol is removed in the vacuum evaporator.
As the beneficial ingredients of krill oil are temperature sensitive, the temperature inside the vacuum evaporator is strictly controlled.

5 step purification process

Our purification process is very unique and effective.
The five step process, utilizing different purification techniques, removes salt, impurities and various odors from the product.
All materials used for the purification process are certified food grade.

Quality upgrade

Upon request, our company can dramatically increase ratio of beneficial ingredients of the product, EPA, DHA, phospholipids etc
This service/product is branded BKO PRIME
Phospholipid contents are over 40%, 50%, 56%, 61%.


Krill oil product is packaged into 200kg HDPE drum and sealed with nitrogen gas.


The drums are placed on pallets for shipment. The minimum order quantity is 200kg.