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Guaranteed Freshness System

Bulk Krill Oil Manufacturer

Biocorp Krill Oil delivers the freshness of the Antarctic ocean through the cold-chain system that keeps all ingredients refrigerated throughout the entire production process from quick-freezing of krills immediately after capture in the Antarctic ocean.
This special system reflects Biocorp’s philosophy that prioritizes producing quality krill oil that is fresh and desirable despite an increase in the production cost.
* Bulk Krill Oil Manufacturer

  • Cold Chain System

  • 14Days System

  • Traceability System

Cold Chain System
  • Krill capture
  • Quick-freezing
  • Direct transportation to Korea
  • Cold storage
  • Transportation(freezing container)
  • Drying
  • Cold storage
  • Transportation(freezing container)
  • Cold storage
  • Extraction
Korean fishing companies, Jeongil Industries and Dongwon Industries, catch krill in the Antarctic Ocean under the supervision of CCAMLR
Krill are quick-frozen on board at -40 degrees immediately after capture
The quick-frozen krill are transported directly to Busan, Korea
The krill are stored in a cold storage warehouse in Gamcheon Port, Busan
The krill are transported to the drying facility on refrigerator trucks. The krill are stored in a cold storage until they are put into the drying facility
The frozen krill are heated and dried in the shortest amount of time possible without going through a thawing process
The dried krill are stored in a cold storage
The dried krill are transported to the krill oil extraction facility on refrigerator trucks
The dried krill are stored in a cold storage until they are put in the extraction facility
Edible alcohol is used to extract oil from the dried krill
Bulk Krill Oil Manufacturer

What is the 14-day system?

It is Biocorp’s production principle adopted to maximize the freshness of krill oil. The system requires completion of the krill oil production process within 14 days from the date when the frozen krill are released from the warehouse.

: Krill become more easily perishable once they are dried. During the drying process, the oil content increases to 25%, and the oil turns rancid easily when it is exposed to room temperature. This is why Biocorp insists on maintaining the cold-chain system throughout the transportation and storage processes of dried krill. Completing the oil production process within 14 days is also part of the effort to increase the freshness of the oil.
* Bulk Krill Oil Manufacturer

Full tracibility system

In addition to the location where the krill are captured, Biocorp openly provide all information related to the entire production process, including the date of capture, the date of transportation, the storage period in a cold storage, the date of release from the cold storage, the date of transportation, the date of drying, the period of storage in cold storage after drying, the date of transportation, the period of storage in a cold storage before extraction, the date of extraction, the date of concentration, the date of refinement, and the date of final packaging.
You will be able to confirm that Biocorp Krill Oil is produced according to the Cold-Chain System and the 14-Day System by checking the traceability system. One cannot disclose this kind of complete traceability system without confidence in the freshness of the raw ingredients, and the strict production process management.
* Bulk Krill Oil Manufacturer