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Raw Ingredients

  • Bulk Krill Oil

    Raw material of the oil :
    (Antarctic krill)

    Korea is the world’s third largest fisher of Antarctic krill. There are currently two Korean fishing companies operating, Jeongil Industries and Dongwon Industries. Biocorp only uses krill caught by the Korean companies. Biocorp’s bulk krill oil manufacturing plant is merely 3 hours away from Busan Port, where Antarctic krill are unloaded, by a cargo truck. Accordingly, the raw krill that we use are very fresh and traceable. Some of our competitors use imported frozen krill or dried krill, which puts them in unfavorable positions in comparison to Biocorp in terms of freshness and traceability.

  • Bulk Krill Oil

    Oil extraction solvent :
    Edible alcohol

    Biocorp purchases and uses edible alcohol produced and sold under strict regulation of the Korean government.
    The edible alcohol that we use is a safe product that is also used as the main ingredient of ‘soju’.

  • Bulk Krill Oil

    Packing : HDPE Drum

    Biocorp packs the produced bulk krill oil in food-grade drums that are made of HDPE. Before and after inserting the krill oil, the drums are filled with nitrogen. The basic packing unit of bulk krill oil is 200kg per drum.