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Raw Ingredients

  • Bulk Krill Oil

    ● Raw materials we use :
    (Antarctic krill)

    ● Korea ranks as the third largest Krill fishing country globally, emphasizing its significant role in the industry.

    ● Biocorp's exclusive use of frozen krill from Korean companies ensures premium quality raw material for our Krill Oil.

    ● The MSC certification held by the fishing companies reflects their commitment to sustainable practices.

    ● Biocorp's extraction plant's close proximity to Busan Port enables efficient transportation and processing of freshly caught Antarctic krill.

  • Bulk Krill Oil

    ● Oil extraction solvent :
    (Pure Ethanol)

    ● By sourcing edible ethanol produced and sold under government regulation, Biocorp prioritizes quality assurance and consumer safety.

    ● This commitment reinforces our dedication to providing premium and trustworthy products to our customers.

  • Bulk Krill Oil

    ● Packing :
    (HDPE Drum)

    ● Bulk krill oil is packed in HDPE drums.

    ● Before and after inserting the krill oil, the drums are filled with nitrogen.

    ● The basic packing unit of bulk krill oil is 20kg or 200kg