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Bulk Krill Oil Manufacturer

● Bulk Krill Oil Manufacturer

● Biocorp Krill Oil delivers the freshness of the Antarctic ocean through the cold-chain system that keeps all ingredients refrigerated throughout the entire production process from quick-freezing of krill immediately after capture in the Antarctic ocean.

● This special system reflects Biocorp’s philosophy that prioritizes producing quality krill oil that is fresh and desirable despite an increase in the production cost.

  • Cold Chain System

  • 14Days System

  • Traceability System

Cold Chain System

  • Krill capture
  • Quick-freezing

  • Direct transportation to Korea
  • Cold storage

  • Transportation(freezing container)
  • Drying
  • Cold storage

  • Transportation(freezing container)
  • Cold storage
  • Extraction
Korean MSC(Marine Stewardship Council) certified fishing companies catch krill in the Antarctic Ocean under the supervision of CCAMLR.
Krill are quick-frozen on board at -40 degrees immediately
The frozen krill containers are transported directly to Busan, Korea
The frozen krill are stored in a freezing warehouse in Busan
The frozen krill are transported to the drying facility on refrigerator trucks.
The frozen krill are stored in a cold storage before drying
The frozen krill are dried by Vacuum dryer
The dried krill(Krill meal) are stored in a freezing warehouse
Krill meal are transported to the krill oil extraction facility on refrigerator trucks
The dried krill are stored in a freezing warehouse before extraction
Edible pure alcohol is used to extract oil from the krill meal
Bulk Krill Oil Manufacturer

● What is the 14-day system?

● Quality Assurance

● Our production principle reflects our commitment to delivering high-quality krill oil to our customers.

● Biocorp's production principle focuses on maximizing the freshness of krill oil.

● Dried krill is more perishable, and maintaining the cold-chain system during transportation and storage is crucial to prevent oil degradation.

● Completing the oil production process within 14 days is part of Biocorp's efforts to increase the freshness and quality of the oil.

● By adhering to these principles, Biocorp ensures that customers receive a premium-quality krill oil product that retains its freshness and beneficial properties.

● Full traceability system

● Biocorp's traceability system provides all-encompassing information about the production process, including fishing location, transportation, storage, drying, extraction, and final packaging.

● The traceability system is crucial for confirming compliance with the Cold-Chain System and the 14-Day System.

● Biocorp's transparency in sharing this comprehensive traceability system reflects our confidence in the freshness of raw ingredients and our meticulous production process management.

● Through the traceability system, customers can gain confidence in the quality and adherence to standards of Biocorp Krill Oil.