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  • ● The safest solvent

    The entire manufacturing process is strictly and hygienically controlled. Non-edible substances are not used in any part of the manufacturing process. The manufacturing factories are located in an clean area of Jeollanam-do, which is known for its natural environment.

    Comparison Table of Extraction Solvents

    Solvent Edible Non-Edible
    Refined spirits O
    Industrial alcohol O
    Acetone O
    Hexane O
    Enzyme O
  • ● Outstanding quality

    Although Biocorp does not use acetone or hexane unlike some companies, Biocorp’s products have higher content of active substances such as EPA, DHA, and phospholipids. Biocorp can supply top-quality oil with up to 60% phospholipids content for those customers who want higher content than standard oils.

  • ● Reasonable price

    Based on the outstanding technological power, and the accumulated know-hows, we offer competitive prices.

  • ● Realiable manufacturer

    Biocorp’s management philosophy is always ‘honesty’. You can experience honest manufacturing process, products, and prices.

  • ● Customerization services

    We can supply krill oil in bulk capsules, or as finished products as well as bulk amounts (packed in drums) according to customer needs.

Specification Sheet

Natura Ultra Prime Hyper Unit
Phospholipid 40 50 56 60 g/100g
EPA 12 12 16 16 g/100g
DHA 6.5 6.5 8.5 8.5 g/100g
Total omega3 23 25 27 30 g/100g
Astaxanthin 250±50 200±50 200±50 150±50 mg/kg