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RealPro SPM

Pro Resolving Mediators

Specialized pro-resolving mediators (SPM) oil is an innovative product that is receiving attention as the next-generation omega-3. SPM are produced in a very small amount through the human metabolic process when the body consumes fats or oils that contain EPA or DHA. The omega-3 oil that has enhanced SPM content using a natural method is RealPro SPM. RealPro SPM Biocorp’s SPM oil has the highest SPM content in the world. Enhanced Other SPM oils currently available in the market usually contain 20 to 400ppm while Biocorp’s concentrated SPM oil contains minimum 500ppm and 1,000ppm. Biocorp also possess the technology to produce even higher content. [The SPM content is standardized to the amount of ‘PRO-resolving mediators,’ which is the true final form of SPM, not the amount of ‘PRE-resolving mediator,’ which is only an intermediate product of SPM]
* Concentrated SPM Oil

Product Type

  • Pro Resolving Mediators

    Fish oil

  • Pro Resolving Mediators

    Krill oil

  • Pro Resolving Mediators

    Oils containing EPA or DHA